Double 10 Double Tail Model / Choice Snagless Bucktail
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At the high-water mark of design and functionality are Choice Snagless Bucktails. Tried-and-true fish-attracting color patterns are elevated with premium materials and custom components. Using the backbone of specialized wire form construction, each lure is hand-tied with pattern-specific detail and capped with a custom color head. Around each lure body, additional lighter guage wires are formed into hook guards that protect each hook from snags. These guards are gently pushed below the hook and the tension is released when the fish bite down. This improved functionality not only fends off persistent snags, but will give any angler added confidence to fish areas otherwise often avoided such as flooded timber, bullrushes, lily pads, rock reefs and dense weedbeds. These hook guards can also be stowed over the bend of the hook for fishing in snag-free areas at your choosing for maximum hookup percentage.....and choice sponge paint patterned looks round out this innovative lure design.

These Double 10 models produce an excessive vibration for attracting trophy size muskies by using dual magnum thickness blades. Two hand-tied tails are formed in succession to appear as one large body. Extra long Whiting hackles are added in multiple waves between layers of marabou and extra long deer hair and topped off some accents of specialty feathers.

Two clevis options are now available! Our standard stirrup clevises keep the blades on permanently or opt to use the swap clevises and interchange blades as desired. These are heavy duty components and hold on to the blades as never seen before! Additional blades are found in our Bucktail Extras section.

See our product video with the link below...

Length around 15"
Weighs 3 oz.
6/0 VMC 4X strong trebles
.043" diameter main wire
Dual Lakeland magnum thickness #10 fluted Indiana spinner blades
Large size custom color baitfish head

Note: Photo 7 shows the hook guards in various positions. The Standard French Model in White Glow & Silver pattern is shown. Photos 8 and 9 show clevis types in detail.
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