Golden Shiner FlyStyle Muskie Bucktail
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Golden olive marabou and natural brown deer hair is highlighted by barred ginger grizzly hackle. FlyStyles spin dual #8 Indiana blades in gold and copper and the FlyStyle Lights have dual #7 Indiana blades and a lighter weight which is great for working around snags or using lighter combos. The grizzly hackle adds an irresistible flowing element to the lure when retrieved. This is perhaps my best selling color combo!

The FlyStyle is pictured first and in the top of the second photo, while the FlyStyle Light appears below and last. Pictured fourth is the Flatulator version which spins dual #8 Indiana blades in gold and copper and are trailed by a repurposed CO2 cartridge body painted in metallic copper and canary scale which leaves a trail of bubbles when retrieved!
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