Deep Glowing Inkfish Orange
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These weighted squids are intended for deep water lake trout and Great Lakes salmon jigging. The 2 1/2 oz eco-friendly brass weight allows for depths of over 200 feet to be achieved while drifting or ice jigging also known as bobbing. Typically, these type of jigs are tipped with large minnows so a bait securing hoop is an included feature. Each plastic test tube is painted white/glow and centered along extra strong, wire through construction that carries down to a heavy duty split ring and size 2 red, round bend vanadium hook. Both the hook and the ball bearing swivel are concealed with crappie tubes for extra action and life-like look. Bottom skirts are available in a variety of colors and are changeable if desired. These jigs dance through the water column decidedly different from the conventional style bucktail jigs often used for these fish. Total length is about 7".

Skirt pictured is pumpkin orange. Watch the product video to see how it works...
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