Custom Bucktails

We often receive requests for bucktails with certain color patterns and specific components. Choose from any of the build types featured in our shop section and we will make it your way! Below are some examples of tail patterns that are frequently requested.  Single tails are used for Standard French, Double 8, Flatulator, and Mag 9 Models. Double tails match our Double 10 Double Tail Models and the Delta Surface are similar to this size as well. Mix and match your blades and weights as you like. Popular materials and components are available as follows:

Blade Options - French 7, Fluted Indiana 7, Fluted Indiana 8, Fluted Indiana Mag 9, Fluted Indiana Mag 10

Blade Colors - Nickel, Gold, Copper, Black Nickel, White Glow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Green

Sponge Painted Blade Colors - Black over Nickel, Black over Gold, White over Black Nickel, Red over Copper, Silver over White Glow, Black over Fl. Orange, Black over Fl. Chartreuse, Black over Fl. Green

Weight Options - Lakeland # 68 (medium), #66 (heavy), or CO2 Flatulator bodies

Weight Colors - Nickel, Brass, Black Nickel

Flatulator Bodies - about 25 two tone sponge painted color combos (photo coming soon)

Small or Large Holographic Head Colors - Rainbow, Red/Silver, Orange/Silver, Gold, Green/Yellow, Green/Silver, Blue/Silver, Black/Silver, 

Small or Large Sponge Painted Head Colors - Silver & Black, White & Black, Bronze & Black, Chartreuse & Black, Copper & Brown, Black over Gold Holographic

Soft Materials - Marabou, deer tail, squirrel tail, Whiting hackle, neck hackle, schlappen, turkey rump feathers, ringneck rump feathers, spotted guinea hen, barred teal flank, Krystal Flash, Lateral Scale Flashabou, and squirrel zonker strips are stocked in several available colors. 

Note: Most patterns have a similar or same pricepoint as seen in the shop, however some specialty patterns require additional time to create such as the Super Crappie and Peacock and are priced accordingly.