Single 9 Bucktail Blade Add-On
50 available
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These Add-On Bucktail Blades are designed to pair with our Convertible Baitcast Flies. In front of the fly, these create a propwash for the fly to swim through. The larger the blade, the more action created by the soft materials of the fly. Double blades add more throwing weight, but reduced resistance during the retrieve than a single blade.

Choose any of the blade colors to create your own custom add-on. These size 9 blades are a thick (.040") Fluted Indiana style and are assembled with a brass body weight, beads and clevises on a super-strong .043" wire shaft. Attach these easily with the split ring to the lure eyelet. Total weight is about 0.8 ounces.

Standard body weights in this size are 1/4 ounce and are available in nickel, black nickel and brass.

You may specify body weight and bead color preferences in the comments at checkout or the shop will choose them similar to your blade color choices. Heavier body weights (1/2 or 1 oz.) are available by special request, and are recommended for pairing with any of the Floating Convertible Baitcast Models. Sorry, there were no more menu options!
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