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This hybrid bucktail spinner for multispecies fishing combines the best features from two different bucktail products found here - slingshot adaptation as found in the Creek Caster Spinner AND weedless bucktail design found in the Choice Snagless Bucktails. Use the patented slingshot bead for firing the lure under docks and overhanging trees and avoid all the snags in your way, by just catching the fish that bite down!

These medium sized spinners also add a third unique feature by incorporating interchangeable parts using Clip-N-Spin clevises. Each set comes with 4 bucktails and 8 spinner blades for a total of 32 possible pairings!

Each tail is tied from deer hair, premium Whiting hackle feathers and fluorocarbon slingshot adaptation - then capped with a weighted Fish Skull head. Brass bullet weights and beads complete the construction.

Watch our Creek Caster and Choice Snagless Bucktail videos to see how this hybrid spinner is in a class of its own!

This kit is rounded out with two specialized 30# fluorocarbon leaders to keep toothy predators from slicing the line in front of these great fish catching lures! The set is even more complete - totally contained in a perfectly sized Model 2-3610 Plano tackle box.


Size 3 Spinner Set:
8 Size 3 French Blades
VMC 35647 Size 4 Treble Hook
Length = 4"
Weight = 0.4 oz. each

Size 4 Spinner Set:
8 Size 4 French Blades
VMC 35647 Size 2 Treble Hook
Length = 4.5"
Weight = 0.5 oz. each
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